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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I'm blogg'in!!

Oh yeah, doing the things my kids said I was too old to do.

Latest Obsession: (yes, of course, it costs money!!)

Catrike Pocket for touring. Practical gal that I am, how good can it get? You can stop ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, and have an instant seat. I like sitting. Even better, I like sitting without falling over.

My gift to myself after I take those last classes to increase income was to buy an Oldmanmountain $120 bike rack for my road bike with no eyelets. But if that woman ever actually buys my Alden Amos spinning wheel, that would be $800 right there. Plus the $120 bike rack - it would almost be enough for a used Pocket, if I keep my eye out for one. Dang, that would be fun.

Am really inactive right now, just getting over first a cold, then food poisoning that completely derailed my fitness routine. Haven't biked for almost 2 weeks. Haven't gone to lift weights or spin in a week. Still playing tennis, but Steven and I lost. We always lose. It was sausage, bacon, bagel. Dang. I play with Dennis next. We can usually split set, if he puts those shots away at the net, and my serve is on. And then I win with James. Funny how games mesh and create a doubles team.

Trike. And touring the CA coast. Up to Oregon, Washington, and Canada would be great!! Down to Monteray. Or up to Fort Brag.

My dream garage:

Catrike Pocket... or GT3 foldable trike. With rack, lights, mirrors. And a swirly flag, with fringe.
Bike Friday
Specialized Dolce (Love my road bike)
Specialized Crossroads (Old Faithful)


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