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Saturday, June 25, 2005


I've got a jungle in my backyard. Purple, pear shaped, striped, white, reds, flattened...tomatoes everywhere. I pulled up a cherry bi-color. 3 feet tall, and a total of 3 tiny cherries. Hah! Sungold has over 100, some ripe. So I pulled it out and put in a Snow White cherry hybrid. The bi-color was even getting sunburned. Not used to California. Going to get Carmello to put in place of where I had onions.

Had a nightmare that Matt didn't lock up my bike that he borrowed yesterday. It was an overthetop kind of emotional nightmare, I was upset, calling to task his mess, his lack of responsibility, considering selling the future 2nd car to get myself another touring bike... well, it was my bike. Add to that another ...geez, I'm late for work and all the kids are waiting outside the classroom nightmare. Yuck.

Hmmm, could I fit in a Black Krim tomato? I could compare it to Black from Tula...

Of course my Japanese Black Trifele toppled over. I moved the wooden clothes drying rack to support the apple branch and the Black Trifele. Those supposed cool square cages aren't stable enough. Not going to buy any more of those...


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