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Saturday, June 25, 2005

armchair touring

Reading Crazyguyonabike. Mostly the trike journals, of course! I'm trying to understand my urge to tour. I'm not a great camper, I don't like not knowing where I am, or where I'm going. I don't like traveling alone. But I want to tour.

I know I'll do a number of them with the Davis Bike Club. I like biking alone, though. Something about just going, and setting up a camp, eating, sleeping and doing it again the next day. I DID like that when Nick and I went around the country, albeit with a truck. And a dog.

Trike would take out the 'fear of falling and crashing' aspect of bike touring. It would be slow. It would be low. But how awesome to take off with camera!

I could trike down to visit Anthony if he moves to around L.A. How bad is it to bike down that far? He could always meet me at Santa Barbara at a campsite around there....


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