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Monday, June 27, 2005

small things in great packages...

Gawd, the perks of on 'loan' a PalmOne Zire 72s with tech training. Awesomeness! I had no idea they were so powerful, so small, and so handy. And to think I was going to spend the same on those bulky, slow, awkward Alpha Smarts! Our school has carts of those! I need to find a deal and maybe get one a year or something. Or see if the cheaper ones will work in the class. I just wrote my essay on the little thing, and I loved it. If I could get it to upload onto a computer, it could be my touring journal too! So amazing. And it takes pictures!! The little fold out keyboard is comfortable, and it's sleek.

It is going to really help me get through these 2 classes. I'm going to type it on the 72s! Just have to buy rechargable AAA batteries. And it does need to be recharged. I just have to find the right cafe's for that, or get a hotel room every once in a while. Or connect it to a library computer or something. Hmmm. no, I'm not actually ON a tour. My arse is at home, as always...but my mind is wandering, and took my imaginatin with it...


At 4:02 PM, Blogger Scoutie said...

Hi Ani!

I was updating my links at my bike blog, looking for journals by other cyclists and other women, and I found you. I hope you don't mind that I linked you from my blog, but I'll remedy that if you do.

Swing by sometime:


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