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Monday, December 03, 2007

Ode to a 14" Saw

Okay, well a limerick anyway, from my good friend, John!

Diana just scored a big saw
I hope it arrives with no flaw
Then slices through rock
In a tick of the clock
Revealing gemstones too cosmic to draw
It had a few 'flaws', but thanks to Stoner, here in mid-operation, 'Mabel' is up and running!

..and that means another poem!

Usually a boat needs a dock
But not every saw craves a rock
You'll be dropping your jaw
As you look on with awe
At gems falling like wool from a flock

I am so hooked. Stoner stayed for hours, and we didn't even eat! Poor hostess am I, but we were both engrossed and unable to leave the saw alone! And then Stoner heads home, and I kept at it until 1:30 am!! This absolutely amazing rock was the Rock of the Day
Burro Creek, by the white stuff.

Then I started cutting on this small, long rock and had to keep slicing into the early morning. From the dendrite spot. That was the best spot!

The variety of Burro Creek was amazing!
I think I have to ration myself, like the kids these days and videogames! lol!


At 12:24 PM, Blogger AmysBabies said...

That is a beautiful piece of macinery! Those rocks are stunning. Isn't it always so much fun to get a new toy :D


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