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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Party Pardee 2008

1200 riders in the foothills near Ione. Getting up in the dark, loading bikes by flashlight, driving out to ride 65 miles in the foothills. MAJOR FUN!!

I rode with my friend for the first 37 miles or so. But she is so social and friendly (unlike myself) that she likes to stop all the time, chat to other riders, hang out at rest stops, and I confess to feeling a bit antsy. *Everyone* was passing us, and she had told me from the start of the day that I should ride ahead if I wanted, since we naturally ride at different paces. So I finally told her that I would meet her at the lunch stop, and took off. Goodness, it felt good!

It was funny. As I was taking off, one mature rider commented to his companions as I passed, 'The break away!' Ha!

As I was passing others on some climbs, a young woman in racing kit commented 'Nice legs' as she passed me. lol! That doesn't mean she was admiring my well shaped legs, it was my climbing. That was fun to hear, especially from her!

The hills were daunting, but Diablo was a great pre-ride for PP. My legs suffered most in the uphills to the dam. After, the hills were higher but shorter, so I never doubted I would make it up, although there were many who walked it. Not the 'Big Dogs', they were hours ahead of me! Do those guys even notice the scenery?

I GOT A NUMBER!! That's too much fun for words. Just like the racers...I made Diane take a picture of me after the ride.