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My two lives. My late night/early mornings life of mad crafty energy, where my fingers itch to create and my mild mannered day life of teaching, biking, tennis and the love of my life!

Monday, June 27, 2005

small things in great packages...

Gawd, the perks of on 'loan' a PalmOne Zire 72s with tech training. Awesomeness! I had no idea they were so powerful, so small, and so handy. And to think I was going to spend the same on those bulky, slow, awkward Alpha Smarts! Our school has carts of those! I need to find a deal and maybe get one a year or something. Or see if the cheaper ones will work in the class. I just wrote my essay on the little thing, and I loved it. If I could get it to upload onto a computer, it could be my touring journal too! So amazing. And it takes pictures!! The little fold out keyboard is comfortable, and it's sleek.

It is going to really help me get through these 2 classes. I'm going to type it on the 72s! Just have to buy rechargable AAA batteries. And it does need to be recharged. I just have to find the right cafe's for that, or get a hotel room every once in a while. Or connect it to a library computer or something. Hmmm. no, I'm not actually ON a tour. My arse is at home, as always...but my mind is wandering, and took my imaginatin with it...

Saturday, June 25, 2005

armchair touring

Reading Crazyguyonabike. Mostly the trike journals, of course! I'm trying to understand my urge to tour. I'm not a great camper, I don't like not knowing where I am, or where I'm going. I don't like traveling alone. But I want to tour.

I know I'll do a number of them with the Davis Bike Club. I like biking alone, though. Something about just going, and setting up a camp, eating, sleeping and doing it again the next day. I DID like that when Nick and I went around the country, albeit with a truck. And a dog.

Trike would take out the 'fear of falling and crashing' aspect of bike touring. It would be slow. It would be low. But how awesome to take off with camera!

I could trike down to visit Anthony if he moves to around L.A. How bad is it to bike down that far? He could always meet me at Santa Barbara at a campsite around there....


I've got a jungle in my backyard. Purple, pear shaped, striped, white, reds, flattened...tomatoes everywhere. I pulled up a cherry bi-color. 3 feet tall, and a total of 3 tiny cherries. Hah! Sungold has over 100, some ripe. So I pulled it out and put in a Snow White cherry hybrid. The bi-color was even getting sunburned. Not used to California. Going to get Carmello to put in place of where I had onions.

Had a nightmare that Matt didn't lock up my bike that he borrowed yesterday. It was an overthetop kind of emotional nightmare, I was upset, calling to task his mess, his lack of responsibility, considering selling the future 2nd car to get myself another touring bike... well, it was my bike. Add to that another ...geez, I'm late for work and all the kids are waiting outside the classroom nightmare. Yuck.

Hmmm, could I fit in a Black Krim tomato? I could compare it to Black from Tula...

Of course my Japanese Black Trifele toppled over. I moved the wooden clothes drying rack to support the apple branch and the Black Trifele. Those supposed cool square cages aren't stable enough. Not going to buy any more of those...

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I am dubbed

My nieces and nephew call me 'ani'. Ani is also nun in Tibetan. Which is an accurate depiction of my social life. lol.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I'm blogg'in!!

Oh yeah, doing the things my kids said I was too old to do.

Latest Obsession: (yes, of course, it costs money!!)

Catrike Pocket for touring. Practical gal that I am, how good can it get? You can stop ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, and have an instant seat. I like sitting. Even better, I like sitting without falling over.

My gift to myself after I take those last classes to increase income was to buy an Oldmanmountain $120 bike rack for my road bike with no eyelets. But if that woman ever actually buys my Alden Amos spinning wheel, that would be $800 right there. Plus the $120 bike rack - it would almost be enough for a used Pocket, if I keep my eye out for one. Dang, that would be fun.

Am really inactive right now, just getting over first a cold, then food poisoning that completely derailed my fitness routine. Haven't biked for almost 2 weeks. Haven't gone to lift weights or spin in a week. Still playing tennis, but Steven and I lost. We always lose. It was sausage, bacon, bagel. Dang. I play with Dennis next. We can usually split set, if he puts those shots away at the net, and my serve is on. And then I win with James. Funny how games mesh and create a doubles team.

Trike. And touring the CA coast. Up to Oregon, Washington, and Canada would be great!! Down to Monteray. Or up to Fort Brag.

My dream garage:

Catrike Pocket... or GT3 foldable trike. With rack, lights, mirrors. And a swirly flag, with fringe.
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