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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking back at 2008:

1) Met the man of my dreams on a cycling forum after I've given up on ever meeting someone; and after dating one too many frogs! (Yay!! He's a cyclist!!)
2) Joined the race team - first race will be sometime in 2009, IF I feel I'm in shape enough to do race without embarrassing myself.
3) Did my first bike tour. To Oregon for 8 days and about 450 miles. First time I've ever ridden so many consecutive days with those kind of miles! And started using/needing chamois butter for the first time.
4) Bought my first pair of cycling socks. Woot! And yes, it makes a difference...
5) Actually using a cell phone and started texting, due to my kids and bf. AND having fun with it, now that my kids gifted me with a new cell phone for Christmas!
6) Finally using Facebook, again, mostly to keep up with my kids.
7) Pursued my own vision of wrapping and jewelry.

7 is a good number. Happy New Year!


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