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Monday, August 25, 2008

The ultimate wrapping

This is it. The way I want to go. Not copying Eni, inspired by Paradigm Shift who has moved on herself, this is wrapping the kinds of cabs I like to shape, in a style that challenges and fascinates me. AND is soothing to do.

'Hidden Earthquakes'

'Blushing Dragons'

'Dark Tidepools'

Rings too!

I opened a new site for my jewelry - brand new. I even have 24 hearts already! It's at

I still need to go to an actual gallery and bring the work. I am spending an inordinate amount of time wrapping. I love doing it. BUT ~ it's the Sock Bugs that pays for supplies! So I really need to sew. Perhaps a schedule, since I tend to be a rather obsessive worker otherwise, and have wire and cabochons on the mind. :)

I've been accepted into the juried site 'Handmade Fuzion' that's supposed to go live next month. I plan to apply to 'Trunkt' when I have more rings made. I know it's not exactly the right direction, but it gets me seen, so it can't really hurt. I NEED to email some AZ and CA galleries and direct them to my sites. But first...a new school year starts in TWO DAYS!!


At 9:52 AM, OpenID amysbabies said...

STUNNING! My favorite is the tidepool one. I hope they get to be as popular as your sock bugs!


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