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My two lives. My late night/early mornings life of mad crafty energy, where my fingers itch to create and my mild mannered day life of teaching, biking, tennis and the love of my life!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

back and forth indeed - fibers

Went to a charming homestead in Dixon, and a women's cottage fiber studio. She had alpaca and variations thereof, sheep, mohair, alpaca, wool. Not the greatest stuff, had vm and second cuts, but I went away with $17 of damage. The colored pale bronze kid mohair will be fun. The alpaca was a mess. Remindar to myself: Forget the raw stuff!!!

Of course, I still dream of a pewter wool fleece I let go by years ago in Grass Valley. I'm nuts.

...and I'm getting tired of knitting. Figures, right? I'm such a fickle person. Emp follows through and makes something of her sewing. Me, I'm thinking about growing my own BANANAS! (Smithsonian, Oct 2005 'Grow a Better Banana')

At least I'm working in my garden in the Fall. Pulled out some hopeless tomato plants. Watered a little. Will add coffee grounds, etc...should get some rain, finally, thank goodness.

With Hurricane Katrina and Rita and gas dependency, I'm thinking 'Victory Garden' and growing as much as I can of my own food (pull out that worthless apricot tree for something else. Nectarine?) and put back in those garlic (5 or 6 varieties, now all unlabeled. Sigh) and a few onions.

I plan to grow these tomatos next year:
Purple Cherokee(2), Sungold, Prue, Tigerella, Lampa Alladina, Trifele (2), Mikado, Black from Tula, Lemon Boy (2), Speckled Roman, Celebrity.

New: Crimson Rose (pear bi-color)

Yay! The walnuts are falling at school. I picked up a small bagful today. I love picking walnuts.

Friday, September 23, 2005


Last Tuesday, Dennis and I played Steven and James. I played better than I ever have. It was pretty even, 7-5. 6-7. Or something like that, either way, They said I 'won' for playing the best that night! I could hit corners, place shots...and then last night, we all stank. James and I won, 6-4, 3-6, 7-6. It's when I seem to focus. If I focus too much on my backswing, I get awkward. Focus on the follow thru I think works better. Or is it just on the ball? Closer to the moment? Sure, sure, Federer...Tuesday was windy. And Prince Marcus jogged by and called out a hello. Instant shenpa mind spiral for not meditating lately. Sigh.

Still, THATS the way I want to play always. No holding back. I NEED to be more aggresive at net, and keep my eye on the darn ball. That's how points end. From lack of testosterone, I have to consciously talk to myself to attack and go for it! Funny, I get too pumped up, and I swing at shots sailing out. Such a fine line. Must be hard, being a guy.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Spending spree

I just spent $50 or so on ebay for fibres...thinking that I'll have time to spin and knit my 3 nephews scarves for Christmas. I spent about $150 so far on mohair and needles to knit lace scarves that I am thinking in the back of my mind to sell at a fair or the Artery. HA! Since when does that happen? Really?

And I find that my washer is leaking water. Has been for 1/2 year maybe. Mold, mildew, and blocked by a laundry sink. Dang. I can try and find the leak myself, or I'm out a few hundred for a new one. And try and clean up the mold stuff. I suppose I disconnect the laundry sink, move it all out and clean it up: and then buy a new washing machine. It is about 15 years old or so. But I'm clean out of money, paying $1310 for my dental work, $100 for Matt's eroom visit, and so on. Good grief. And $255 for firewood. $600 for fixing up the house for the honor of having AAA homeowner's insurance. OUCH.

Rode 70+ miles this weekend. Helped with the CA Triathlon on Saturday. Amazing. Fun, too. Even had a serious competitor, one of the first to ride by on the 112 mile part, call back to me, "Good hand off!" when I passed him a water bottle. Tennis has it's advantages, including running sideways, backwards, and any which way to hand off to a cyclist speeding up to speed off a corner!

Have my kitty, the pretty fluffy thing on the pink stuff. Snow Lion seems to be sticking as her name. Every inch the ragdoll. Damn, taking on 8 hand blended/handspun/handknit large scarves-wraps for exchange. That'll take a few years, I'm sure.

DS has moved to work with dad for a month or two. Miss him terribly. He was the sweetest baby/toddler/all the way up, for all his messiness and struggles with schoolwork, he was the BEST. I do trust the ex very much to watch after him, and take care of him, of course. That never changed. But ds has grown-up, and will probably move into his own place after this job of helping his dad put up the barn. Where did those 18 1/2 years go?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

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Sunday, September 04, 2005


I'm off! Spent over $100 on yarn and needles. That's 8 balls of kid mohair, lace weight at 200 yds at 20 grams. Thin stuff. I've already started, and thank goodness I'm enjoying it!! I chose a Fern pattern in a lovely blue shade for Mom T. I'm going to add an edging, a first for me. Heck, lace is a new thing for me. I've done intricate colorwork and cables. This is the first time I've knit with yarn as thin as thread. Fuzzy thread.

I know my limits. None of those huge, gorgeous shawls that take years. I get to look through my 'bible' books of Barbara Walker, and choose stitches. I'm thinking Elfin Lace for one. I have others marked. I'm using Kid Seta, Douceur et Sole, and Oration, and Feza Kid Mohair.

I'm hoping (ha ha) to get 10 knit up to try and sell at the Art Center craft fair for $125 each. If Margo can sell her 13 needles dropped garter skinny scarves for $40, this isn't to crazy of an idea! That would be great. I should be able to finish one in a couple of weeks or less. I have over 3 months. Maybe...

SO I better stop typing and start knitting!!!

Oh yeah. I put up the trellis today. Looks Fabulous!! Really makes that transition well, into the front of the house. The vine is already draped over it. It looks integrated. I hate seeing these trellis' people put in front of their houses, that look not much better than a tomato cage stuck in the ground. Just set there. No approach, no line, not involved with the house it's in front of. Yuck. Pet peeve, 'scuse me. NOW I'm going to knit...

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Back to knitting

Back to the needles. I'm looking at those lace shawls in the super fine kid mohair. I love the airy look. I'm even thinking of doing it for the Art Fair, but I don't know. I should make one for mom T. She likes blue. I have an eyelet pattern, but I prefer doing more complicated laces that are easier for me to see. I need to drive (gasp) dd to Sac tomorrow, so I'll swing by Rumpelstiltskin for some mohair. If I like doing one, I'll order off the net.

Rode from Woodland to RHPhillips. YUMMY mole on little fry breads, with fresh corn and herbs. Michael, Bill, Paul, Anne, couple on tandem and myself. 41 miles there and I don't regret driving. Couldn't have made the ride otherwise. Avoided the afternoon SSW headwind and even gave Paul a ride. Then rode around 5 miles around town doing errands.

Last couple of times playing tennis, I actually won. Steven and Dennis were on vacation, so we played with Kuay and Carrie. Tuesday, James and I won 6-1, 6-3 or something like that. Thursday, Kuay and I won 6-1, 4-6, 7-6.When I get tired, I lose the power and don't attack, get off balance, and lose my stroke.

Kitty's crying unless I pet her. Only 10 weeks old now. My own kitty comes next week-end.

Weight is stable at 112-113. I could drop it to 110, but I am enjoying the cheats too much. Bread, pesto, yogurt, meat! Ah well.