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Friday, September 23, 2005


Last Tuesday, Dennis and I played Steven and James. I played better than I ever have. It was pretty even, 7-5. 6-7. Or something like that, either way, They said I 'won' for playing the best that night! I could hit corners, place shots...and then last night, we all stank. James and I won, 6-4, 3-6, 7-6. It's when I seem to focus. If I focus too much on my backswing, I get awkward. Focus on the follow thru I think works better. Or is it just on the ball? Closer to the moment? Sure, sure, Federer...Tuesday was windy. And Prince Marcus jogged by and called out a hello. Instant shenpa mind spiral for not meditating lately. Sigh.

Still, THATS the way I want to play always. No holding back. I NEED to be more aggresive at net, and keep my eye on the darn ball. That's how points end. From lack of testosterone, I have to consciously talk to myself to attack and go for it! Funny, I get too pumped up, and I swing at shots sailing out. Such a fine line. Must be hard, being a guy.


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