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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

tennis, tooth and siamese cats

Yep. Siamese cats are my next distraction. I needed one! I had a day, and Eat to Live wasn't doing it, not biking, not tomatos. Ack. So now I distract myself with Siamese cats.

Tennis lesson was okay, he talks alot, and I'd rather just hit and figure it out. I did learn two important things:
1) I don't really need to change my grip, it's sort of set in 40 year old stone. And if it doesn't hurt my wrist (it doesn't) it's fine.
2) Pulling back my racket low is the change I need to make.

Actually, that was worth the money. But Coach didn't click with me, as far as a tennis teacher. Now I'm curious about Dale. Would Dale see what I wanted a coach to see? I change in shifting weight, a trick to make me more consistent? I really feel like a rookie, and Coach talked to me as an experienced player adding a stroke. Sigh. Heck, I just want my shots to go in!

Oh. Teeth. I went expecting to have a small cavity filled and a crown replaced. Not so simple. I could get a titanium post or a bridge, basically. 3 appointments, and I have an old person's bridge. Bah. But at least that part of my mouth will be done with. My problem tooth will be GONE. The little cavity will be done somewhere along the way. Cleaning can come after. Oh well. At least bridges are covered by dental insurance, unlike the $3000 titanium implant. Which my mouth would undoubtedly reject as well.

So Dale is cute. I'm still off men, though, because of dd's break-up with sweet heart boyfriend. Bah.


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