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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Missed riding today. Felt deprived and grumpy. Daughter didn't have 1, but 2 flats on her new bike! Very thin thorns that she must have picked up on our last ride. By the time they were fixed, it was too hot to go, another 106 day. Yuck.

Even observing my kids teenage relationships is enough to cure me of men. So much drama, so hard, so many issues. I have my goals, that I don't really want to relinquish. Like paying off my mortgage in 4-5 years. Life is simpler, and I have fewer illusions of relationships.

...but am I just arguing against myself as Sharon does about being happy in a house she can't be satisfied with, and obsesses over other houses, yet injects every other sentence, '...but I'm fine where I am.'

No she's not. Am I? Can't tell.

It's like dieters who never stop thinking about food. Or alcholohics who are always thinking of then next drink. True, mostly I think of bikes and money.

55-65 is a long ride. 30-35 is kind of short, but okay. 20 is so short, it's almost not worth it. 100 miles, I don't know if I want to! That's 6-7 hours on a bike; my butt/shoulders/wrists don't need that kind of suffering, and it's much nicer to do that in a week-end, like I have been, with no suffering!

65-80 miles a day would be okay for touring. I think I should wait for a trike until I pay off the house. It would be my big reward. Pay off the car, then give it to Gabbi if she doesn't have one of her own by then. Buy a small pick-up truck to carry the trike if necessary. Then save like a demon for retirement. I'll still have 13 years of work after to throw into retirement accounts.

Seriously. I figure it out on a calculator almost every night. 100K locked in ladder CD's, then max 403b, Roth, and more.

I enjoy my male friendships. That's enough testosterone. When I pay off my mortgage, I'm taking Al the Wiz out for lunch, my treat. He's the only one that would truly appreciate it. Emp would be jealous, and mad. Same with High Priestess. So it's a plan.


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