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Friday, July 08, 2005


So I'm thinking...the Emp has a garden, same plants, starts which I gave her, and my garden is a forest, with HUGE tomatos and sunflowers and plants, and it can't just be the bunny pellets and chicken manure and compost. Or even the coffee grounds, because she does it too. We had the same weather, the same I'm thinking. After I read this:*
I started 'blessing' the rain when it fell in my yard. Thanking it, sensing it, appreciating it, loving it. And it fell and fell,and I spent many evenings before falling asleep, thanking the water that fell and soaked into my ground. And now I have an amazing garden. I've never had tomatos so big, or so many.

You bet when I go to TN, I'm going to thank all the water there that Mom T touches! And next time I water.

Oh, and Emp said that my men concerns are all part of the 'fun' and go for it. Of course. She's not the Emp for nothing.


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