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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

New tennis partner!

Actually, the day started with a ride. N and I went out to Solano Lake Park, and did that darn hill twice! I HAVE no legs, but it was interesting the process of getting legs. Practice, getting familiar, the mental aspect. It was a blast! I could one day like hills. We did about 48 miles. Went to Cabo and had lunch and lots of water and iced tea (the guys there were awesome and kept our glasses full) and watched the Tour on their big screen.

That evening, S, J and I played Australian doubles and some singles. I tried calling N too, thinking she should meet S because he's sweet/responsible/super smile and she's athletic/wonderful/sane/beautiful, but she's leaving to travel, and couldn't come. S wasn't too happy when I asked how old he was, to see if their ages were close and he said, "Well, I'm over 21." I laughed and said, "Fine! I'll stop trying to match up my friends...." Still think they'd be cute together.

Anyway, coach finishes up his classes, and asks if we want to play a set off doubles. ??? "I get to play with him!" My dibs on the coach! It was fun. He's GOOD> powerful backhand, places shots, really showed power, which he has to hold back when he teaches 5 classes a day of kids and learning grown-ups. I think he had fun. Won 6-2. James, especially, made more errors than usual, playing against coach. I actually put some volley's away, and didn't screw up too much. I think he'll play with us on Thursday too, since Dennis will still be gone. Coach is damn cute too.

... so much for aging out of men.


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