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Saturday, July 02, 2005

...ya mean, NOT for my eyes only?!

Took a double take...a comment?? Someone found me??! ...ah, dichotomy. If I were a good Buddhist, I've just been handed a gift towards enlightenment. But I'm not, because there are no good or bad Buddhists, so I'm back in the dust, when I'm not.

I rode today! My 16 year old decided to join me, She-who-hates-to-ride. Amazing. It was 97 degrees, and 33 miles. Geez, she's awesome. Then she and her boyfriend packed about 150 kiddie bags for the Davis Crit happening in 2 days for me. I hope they drop off a bale of hay at my house after the race for mulch...

Gonna ride to Solano Park tomorrow. Nathanie and I are going to do Cantelow on Tuesday, and she mentioned a tour in Napa in August. Go for a 65 mile day sounds great! Wish daughter were 2 years and legal so I could join in on the fun at the San Juan Islands...

I sold the wheel. I have $800 towards the trike in the bank. Now I have to find one...

Catrike Pocket please, with rack, mirrors, flag and lights.


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