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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Weight is such a bear. It's hard! Weight and age go hand in hand, and I feel I've gotten a tenuous hand on the weight, and doing it has helped the aging aches and pains, but I know I can hold it off for only so long, before it gets a grip on me. Inevitable.

Had a small cruising ride with a girlfriend yesterday, just 11 miles downtown for lunch and back, she wants to ride to lose the 30 pounds she gained in the last year from pre-menopause and hitting that around 40 bump, where the body seems to go downhill, along with everything else. I had to empathize: she was hoping for some quick tips, easy fixes, but I confessed that I've ridden over 240 miles in the last 8 days, and hadn't lost a pound.

It takes a major lifestyle change. People that say 1/2 of walking a day? You gotta be kidding. Try hammering for over an hour a day, sucking gels and water, and maybe you'll see a difference in a few months.

I seriously had to eat less. A lot less, than what I got away with before. And now, boohoo, with no more Cheez-Its/chips/yummy salty and deep fried stuff (I'm a salty girl) and putting in serious hours, I only maintain.

I hope she can do it. But there doesn't seem much inbetween. You have to be 'buff' or you end up overweight.


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