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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Siamese stray

I need to get over her break-up - she's doing fine! I see her laughing, happy with friends, so maybe it WAS too much interdependence that I wasn't aware of, and she's enjoying herself not worrying about him being unhappy about her work/friends/and so on! Still feel really bad for him, but he's young and probably needed his own life back and didn't know it. So she's a wise young thing.

She called to me last night, "Mom, come here quick!" It was about 11:30 or midnight, and she brings me outside, and starts searching for something, and next thing I know, she finds and coaxes over a cat. A young cat, thin, no collar, and a blue siamese, or something like that. She's petting it, and tells me it started following her back to our house (it really happens?!) and so she wants to feed it something, so I go in and open a can of tuna. I bring it out, and it starts eating. 1) I'm suprised that I'm agreeing to feed a stray cat. 2) It's not a common cat at all, it's a purebred siamese. 3) It followed her home. 4) Her grandma has always had siamese!

She wants to adopt it if it comes back to us. But it was threatened by the gray stray that was adopted by Jeff (the skanky thing that used my frontyard as a litter box) and ran off a while later. She's hoping it'll come back and is going to buy cat food or treats during her lunch break, and wait outside tonight.

I would let her adopt it. As an outside cat, since we have Woody, of course. Then after Woody lives out his life, it could become an inside cat.

I hope it comes back too. I'd much rather have her get a cat than a new boyfriend!


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