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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Breaking up is hard to do...

My daughter broke it off with her boyfriend of 9 months. Oh god, she cried, felt sick, struggled. But she felt like she was taking on too much of his emotions, and his insecurities of time she spent with friends, at work, her male friends. And the more he got insecure, no matter what she said or did, the worse it felt for her to be with him. Dang, I cried. They've barely spent a day apart, and on the one hand, I think she should help him deal with the insecurities, yet live her life, and know that it's a good thing...but that's for adults (and most adults can't do that.) She's only 16! Heck, I can't do it. So she knows self preservation, and a better sense of the need for balance. It's her life.
He's a sweet heart, all the way. His mom and I really got along well, and we were all used to them together. I didn't know it would be that hard for ME.

We talked on the way back from the Winter's ride. This is the time for her to learn about relationships, and live her life. It was so very hard for her to break up with him. But she was unhappy, and began to not want to be with him with all the heavy emotional stuff responsibility. Worrying about him, worrying that what she did made him unhappy. Even her work! Still, somehow, it seems like the opposite sides of the same coin.

Rode 33.65 miles to Winters and back. Slow, with lots of talking.


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