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Monday, July 18, 2005

Eat to Live

Hmmm, back to being a vegetarian? Well, I WILL keep eating fish, maybe chicken and seafood, but steak and processed meat is losing appeal. I wonder if the kids will notice.

I guess Sharon Sk. is having that effect on me. And cycling isn't enough. I want 'healthier' and this book is always mentioned on the bike forums. And my garden is in bloom, and it's easy now, since my taste buds have gotten really excited about tomatos/lettuce/basil/corn mixes I make and eat. And my craving for beans. Why not go with it?

According to him, my ideal weight would be 100. Yikes! I'm about 116-117 now. That's alot, although I see that bit of fat on my stomach. It would be interesting. And it seems a perfect way to get healthier in my later years.

Next GC I get, from my credit card, goes towards that book. I can certainly eat like that now, it would just be very cool to have the supporting facts.

Nope, no riding today. Only 102. It's cooler.


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