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Friday, August 05, 2005

defeating myself

Ack...played with James, and forgot all about 'point of contact' - all I could think of is that James never loses, and he's gonna lose with me. My mind was watching the opponents, the court, next to the court, sorta tracking the ball, worrying about my stroke, hitting it out, in the net, and blech. EVERYTHING but the point of contact. Once I had 3 mishits in a row. Amazingly, we won the point, but my focus was horrible. I bet meditation would help too.

So...topspin or practice point of contact? I guess topspin, and also point of contact. Focus with my crazed monkey mind...

I want to enjoy tennis, not be frustrated by it. Unforced errors are frustrating.

Riding to RHPhillips tomorrow. Meeting Russell at Nugget, then picking up Michael K at 29. I'm a little concerned about the heat. Against my better judgement (which squealed as I did it anyway) I ate 1/2 bowl more food when I wasn't hungry. 1/4 cup white rice (horrors), cut up tomato, and 1 Tbp butter soaked mushrooms (uber horrors). I dunno, I thought I'd need the carbs for tomorrow. silly.

Coach stays coach. I might want private lessons later, if I get earnest about improving my game.


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