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Saturday, August 06, 2005

It's too darned hot...

Just got back from a 65 mile ride out to the Dunnigan Hills. I was really doing well, until about 3:00pm. 102 degrees. I was concerned at the late start off time, but thought I'd be okay. Damn, that was the longest cross town ride I've ever done. Thank god Bill stopped at a feed store about 15 miles from town. He actually originally thought of it for Tuscan Bill, but that last jag, I got spit out the back. Turning South, it was a hot head wind, and I was getting over heated. Michael K soaked himself with the hose. I had him soak the back of my head. I slammed down an ice cold orange soda. When was the last time I had soda? I had a flashback of over heating as a 15 year old at a tennis competition, must have been one of those 110 days, and drinking down an orange soda. Tasted just as good as this time. Got me to town, but then I started getting a headache, and water wasn't enough. I had water, but I needed salts! 4 miles from home, I thought I was going to pass out: silly me! I was just beginning to freak myself out, cause I was so hot and dehydrated, and I never get headaches.

FINALLY got home. Drank Cytomax. Made a smoothie with Cytomax. Laid down, wasn't tired, but now, and hour later, the headache is mostly gone, and I'm beginning to feel normal again. I lost 2 pounds in water on that ride.

What do I want to eat? Fried ramen with bacon. And I'm trying to be a vegan. Dang, I just need the salts and fat. I'll see. Good thing I had that 1/2 serving of rice last night I was feeling so guilty about.


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