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Sunday, September 04, 2005


I'm off! Spent over $100 on yarn and needles. That's 8 balls of kid mohair, lace weight at 200 yds at 20 grams. Thin stuff. I've already started, and thank goodness I'm enjoying it!! I chose a Fern pattern in a lovely blue shade for Mom T. I'm going to add an edging, a first for me. Heck, lace is a new thing for me. I've done intricate colorwork and cables. This is the first time I've knit with yarn as thin as thread. Fuzzy thread.

I know my limits. None of those huge, gorgeous shawls that take years. I get to look through my 'bible' books of Barbara Walker, and choose stitches. I'm thinking Elfin Lace for one. I have others marked. I'm using Kid Seta, Douceur et Sole, and Oration, and Feza Kid Mohair.

I'm hoping (ha ha) to get 10 knit up to try and sell at the Art Center craft fair for $125 each. If Margo can sell her 13 needles dropped garter skinny scarves for $40, this isn't to crazy of an idea! That would be great. I should be able to finish one in a couple of weeks or less. I have over 3 months. Maybe...

SO I better stop typing and start knitting!!!

Oh yeah. I put up the trellis today. Looks Fabulous!! Really makes that transition well, into the front of the house. The vine is already draped over it. It looks integrated. I hate seeing these trellis' people put in front of their houses, that look not much better than a tomato cage stuck in the ground. Just set there. No approach, no line, not involved with the house it's in front of. Yuck. Pet peeve, 'scuse me. NOW I'm going to knit...


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