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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Spending spree

I just spent $50 or so on ebay for fibres...thinking that I'll have time to spin and knit my 3 nephews scarves for Christmas. I spent about $150 so far on mohair and needles to knit lace scarves that I am thinking in the back of my mind to sell at a fair or the Artery. HA! Since when does that happen? Really?

And I find that my washer is leaking water. Has been for 1/2 year maybe. Mold, mildew, and blocked by a laundry sink. Dang. I can try and find the leak myself, or I'm out a few hundred for a new one. And try and clean up the mold stuff. I suppose I disconnect the laundry sink, move it all out and clean it up: and then buy a new washing machine. It is about 15 years old or so. But I'm clean out of money, paying $1310 for my dental work, $100 for Matt's eroom visit, and so on. Good grief. And $255 for firewood. $600 for fixing up the house for the honor of having AAA homeowner's insurance. OUCH.

Rode 70+ miles this weekend. Helped with the CA Triathlon on Saturday. Amazing. Fun, too. Even had a serious competitor, one of the first to ride by on the 112 mile part, call back to me, "Good hand off!" when I passed him a water bottle. Tennis has it's advantages, including running sideways, backwards, and any which way to hand off to a cyclist speeding up to speed off a corner!

Have my kitty, the pretty fluffy thing on the pink stuff. Snow Lion seems to be sticking as her name. Every inch the ragdoll. Damn, taking on 8 hand blended/handspun/handknit large scarves-wraps for exchange. That'll take a few years, I'm sure.

DS has moved to work with dad for a month or two. Miss him terribly. He was the sweetest baby/toddler/all the way up, for all his messiness and struggles with schoolwork, he was the BEST. I do trust the ex very much to watch after him, and take care of him, of course. That never changed. But ds has grown-up, and will probably move into his own place after this job of helping his dad put up the barn. Where did those 18 1/2 years go?


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