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Sunday, September 25, 2005

back and forth indeed - fibers

Went to a charming homestead in Dixon, and a women's cottage fiber studio. She had alpaca and variations thereof, sheep, mohair, alpaca, wool. Not the greatest stuff, had vm and second cuts, but I went away with $17 of damage. The colored pale bronze kid mohair will be fun. The alpaca was a mess. Remindar to myself: Forget the raw stuff!!!

Of course, I still dream of a pewter wool fleece I let go by years ago in Grass Valley. I'm nuts.

...and I'm getting tired of knitting. Figures, right? I'm such a fickle person. Emp follows through and makes something of her sewing. Me, I'm thinking about growing my own BANANAS! (Smithsonian, Oct 2005 'Grow a Better Banana')

At least I'm working in my garden in the Fall. Pulled out some hopeless tomato plants. Watered a little. Will add coffee grounds, etc...should get some rain, finally, thank goodness.

With Hurricane Katrina and Rita and gas dependency, I'm thinking 'Victory Garden' and growing as much as I can of my own food (pull out that worthless apricot tree for something else. Nectarine?) and put back in those garlic (5 or 6 varieties, now all unlabeled. Sigh) and a few onions.

I plan to grow these tomatos next year:
Purple Cherokee(2), Sungold, Prue, Tigerella, Lampa Alladina, Trifele (2), Mikado, Black from Tula, Lemon Boy (2), Speckled Roman, Celebrity.

New: Crimson Rose (pear bi-color)

Yay! The walnuts are falling at school. I picked up a small bagful today. I love picking walnuts.


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