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Saturday, April 07, 2007

blue...I want white, but it's red...

Why am I not on my bike??!!! Wah!!

I think I have this teacher timing thing all wrong. I stay on my feet to teach, and when MY Spring Break/Winter Break/Summer Vacation come, I finally let relax, and I get sick. I missed my ride last week, because that's when my sinus' exploded into a sneezing fit. Never really recovered, and yesterday it became all to clear I was going to miss Party I'm blue, bummed, and a bit depressed.

and I want a white truck.

But there's a red one with all of my other criteria that I'll be looking at soon in Yuba City. I don't know how it drives though, it's a 1986. I like the pre-1989 because they're smaller by 20" or so. I could spend a couple thousand more and get a newer truck, but I don't really NEED a newer truck, since I honestly want it to haul used coffee grounds. And the occasional bike or two.

And I still must ride my bike as much as possible, yes?


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