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Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm back to forth!

Went working on the forth. I love you, Mom!!

I've made and sent all over the world over 100 Sock Bugs!! I still don't tired of sewing these. Every one is really unique putting together the combinations of the gorgeous fabrics I get to spulrge on at the quilt shop.
I can't wait to be walking somewhere; anywhere! And see someone with one of my Sock Bugs, knitting. I love seeing blogs and pictures of Sock Bugs at work. If often don't know about it, until someone posts me and says 'I saw it here and wanted to check it out...' that I get to see! I love it.
Ah. I'm knitting again on the Clapotis. I'm not really happy with the yarn I chose, so I ordered a novelty boucle from Here it is: Oh, I wanted some bright raspberries or bright, bright red. But I guess I'm feeling I'm supposed to be more sedate at my age. I truly expect that attitude to fly out the window when I reach that magical age of 50 in a couple of years. lol.


At 11:32 AM, Blogger AmysBabies said...

I love that yarn, but a bright red would be cool too! I also love taking my bug places with me. He always gets the best comments :)


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