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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Fun at the Rock Shop

So I've been having lapidary madness. Went back yesterday after work and picked up more tumbled rocks to play with! Here is what I've done...

Top left is Fluorite, below is blue lace agate.

Middle two are OJ

Right is a very dark 'goldstone' in green. It's actually glass with copper inclusions.

Then the next morning, I couldn't resist playing more! So the left are chalcedony, the top from a rock I picked up in the SMS rockyard, below is way cool, a tumbled $.50 rock, reshaped.

The the top middle is a small crystal formation I sawed in half (and getting entirely drenched in oil in the process on my new/old saw) and below is a chrysacolla reshaped tumbled rock. This has more color than the original, acrylic coated rock! And the right was a crystal fragment, in the $.50 basket.

You see, Lydia at work thought that Margot and I should have a 'jewelry show' at work, after we kept bringing our new finished pieces to lunch. In fact, she already bought this one!

So I'm doing a number of smaller, less expensive wraps, from my tumbled rock finds to bring to work, and then what remains to list on Etsy. It's fun! I'm doing very high cabbed, rounded stones. And playing with new stones, softer stones, and the like.

Here's the crystal nub, wrapped. I'd like to have 12 pendants to bring to work.

I know, I know, I need to sew!! I'm finished two Sock Bugs, then I need to make a bunch of Baby Bugs.

That's my plan.


At 2:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought your yarn & sock bugs were (are) beautiful, but I LOVE your wire wrapped cabs - just gorgeous. As soon as my budget allows, I'll be purchasing.


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