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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Titancia magic and my wonderful son!

Titancia (from Etsy and Craftser) did this awesome biz card for me, for my Winter Knitty 'Covet Corner' ad. It's really cute, and fun, and will be perfect!

And even though this has nothing to do with Etsy or cycling/tennis, my dearest and best son put this in for me today! He's so handy. He cut the holes perfectly, did an awesome caulking job. He's 19, and those Taylor genes are in him through and through! He's never caulked or tried anything like this before. I did the grunt work of cleaning off the old caulk, and bleaching the slight mildew behind the old, nasty wall surround that was there. Isn't my boy the best? His very sweet gf was there to lend a hand as well. Thanks, guys!

AND I'm wanting a trike again. For touring. For climbing, and descents, and cruising. I sold my Amos wheel to go towards that. I know I wanted to pay off certain things FIRST, but I may just pay certain things to a certain point, before I weaken and get this. No more being blown into traffic from huge gusts of wind. No more fear of rough road on fast descents. I WANT ONE!! I could so ride the CA Coast on this! Cardiac? No problem...My only concern is if my back can take it. My back loves a df bike. Not so happy in chairs. Next summer, I'll go test ride one and see. In the meantime, I can dream...


At 8:24 AM, Blogger AmysBabies said...

That is an awesome graphic. It has everything in it! I hope it brings in tons of people to your shop : )

What a great son! I hope mine is that helpful when he is 19. It looks beautiful. I need something like that in my shower, I have shampoo bottles sitting on the towel rack outside the shower lol

I have seen those types of bikes here going down the road. They look like fun! It is so hard to wait when you want a new toy : D


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