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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Usually content, until...

...until I read things like this , and then I question my choices. Of course, then again, it could be because I have ds's cold. Headache, aching everywhere, tired....which means I'll be missing my ride with nl tomorrow. Dang. Last week we rode 34 miles, the week before 38. I was going to ride today, the perfect day! to Solano Lake, for around 44 miles, and a little bit of hill work. Aargh!!

We need to work on some hills to get ready for Party Pardee April 7th.

I ordered the jersey!

...and sit here sort of wishing I had a captain and a Greenspeed tandem of my own. Sigh. It'll pass.

I listed by first Sock Bug and Baby duo! Jancy and Baby. This is so much fun! I'd like to list one duo a week, and then 3 or so Sock Bugs, of 2 Sock Bugs and 4-5 Baby Bugs. In the best of all weeks! Right now, I haven't started tomato seedlings, cleared out the old beds, composted, or weeded, or worked on my tax packet. Or made any jewelry!!
Just not enough hours in the day. The only day during the work week I have free now is Friday. All other days are taken! And late evenings, I sew. The house is getting neglected again...


At 8:29 AM, Blogger AmysBabies said...

I am so sorry to hear you are feeling poorly :( I know what you mean about house neglect. My house is so terribly neglected. I keep using the excuse that it will have to be cleaned when we move, so it can wait till then.

I hope your bug families are snapped up quickly, they are an inspired idea!


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