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Thursday, May 03, 2007

1st and 2nd instar

Dogs are overrated...this is my H euryalis that just shed it's skin, and beginning it's 3rd instar. After the first shedding, they were bright yellow! Missed that photo -op, darn it.


1/2 seem to be feeding on schinus mole (Peppertree), the rest on ceanothus. The schinus gang seem to be bigger! When I counted them earlier I had 12. Only half the ova hatched. But this is plenty for me! I'll bring them to the classroom when they're big and beautiful. We're focused on the silk worms now. Tomorrow, we look at the main natural fibers used by man, and spin a little silk! Here's a photo of one ready to molt at the end of it's 2nd instar. They're so cute!!!!

And then of course, the textile portion. My fabric stash!

Ah, Sockapalooza...I have a plan! I'm thinking for my sockee a deep blues/black in tencil merino from One Planet and do a Celtic braid color work sock. Either that, or blues/greens. To make the pattern 'pop' one skein really needs to be solid, rather than hand-dyed. Hmmmm.

I have PLANS for November! Road trip! Desertdweller is planning a rockhound trip, out of Burro Creek Campground in AZ. She's been posting beautiful rock to tempt us all to make the trip! Might drive out with Stoner or meet and fly with Stonelicker. No, I haven't met any of them.... sometimes you just have to trust life, and meet new and interesting people! It makes life rich. I have my camper. I have word out I need a tailgate. Hopefully I can borrow tools from Nick, and some camping stuff from my kids.

And I'm really thinking again of cycling part of the Pacific Coast, thanks to a Texan I'll probably never meet, but played his role to make me think of it again! I'm thinking Amtrack to San Jose, over to the coast, staying at the Lighthouse hostel, maybe going as far south as Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo. Maybe Nathanie will come with me! Or Devyn, who's always up for an adventure! Or I could tag along with the Sacramento Wheelman, and not worry about getting lost and having a Sag...

To enjoy the scenery I'd probably only want to do 40-50 miles a day. Enjoy stopping for local fare, spend time enjoying the incredible land and sea, taking pictures and maybe even write my own Crazyguyonabike.


At 12:39 PM, Blogger AmysBabies said...

Cute little 'pillars :D I bet the kids will love that! I remember having a class that had Silk Worms. And DROOL over your fabric stash! That is so beautiful.

AW MAN! You are going to be in Arizona, but you will be in Northern AZ. About 300 miles from us.

I love the coast highway. It is beautiful. What a ride that would be!


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