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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sockapalooza, Spring Fling, and Texans

I received this wonderful 'Spring Green' skein today in the mail from OnePlanet~
It's for my Sockapalooza pal! I love the gentle yet bright shades of green! It's tencil, merino. I DO have a pattern in mind. A large cable around the body of the sock.

I had a nice 'practice' for it, because here is Tater's sock that his family 'won' for him in our Spring Fling auction. He dyed the yarn with me with food coloring, cookies and his big brother (who won it a couple of years ago) and his wonderful mom. I knit on it on the playground at recess, and have to say, many kids are pretty envious of him! He just smiles and smiles.

The Sockapalooza sock will have a more intricate pattern, but the same idea. I'll start as soon as I finish Tate's socks!

BIG NEWS: The Texan Captain is flying out a week after school is out!! I am sooo excited!!
I tend to trust first emotions. Before you can over think/mess it up, and because I have the belief that we're aware of so much more than the conscious mind can be cognizant first reaction was a big resounding "YES!!" and maybe some jumping up and down. We're going to have FUN. He'll be here for a long weekend - enough time to get in 3 good rides: unloaded and learning, maybe 20 miles. Then loaded and try a hill, 40-45 miles. Then maybe a loaded (ack) Cantelow/ serious climb to try with a short steep downhill, 55 miles.

I'm a little nervous meeting for the first time, but we're getting to know each other so well as friends, I can't think that he'll be anything but familiar after a few minutes. Like he said, if we survive this tandem trip, there's a 98% chance that we'll be lifelong friends afterwards! How cool is that?


At 3:37 PM, Blogger AmysBabies said...

That is a killer sock! I wish I was that lucky :D

Your bike plans sound so cool! I haven't ridden in too long, but I have my eye on a pink schwinn beachcomber at Target. My goals are a little humbler though, I would be thrilled with a couple times around the block. I hope you guys have a great time!!

At 8:53 PM, Blogger manita said...

Love the color of your yarn and love the socks.

Well, have fun with your Texan friend.


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