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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July crit

This is the best of Davis!

Went out to ride with Nathanie this morning, about 20 miles. Ran into Chariot! Well, more like she caught us, chatted, then threw us off her wheel and took Then I changed, and took off for the 4th of July Davis crit to help at the registration table. Joy! I get to register all the 1/2 Pro racers! The top racers have to show their registration card to ME (lol) and have me sign them in. Gentlemen, all. No attitudes, just nice smiles and very polite. About 90 in the field, at the hottest part of the day! Here are some more pics I took of that race:

And then, some guilty eye candy. :) In the little plaza, we have a water fountain. After the race, the men cooled off... hey, it was our just view from the ice cream parlor!


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