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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Back to spinning

Both kinds.

Started back at the gym. Went Monday and today. Hard work! So I probably won't bike this weekend. Avoid the wind, cold, dark. I'm such a weenie. Go back in Monday nights and Friday mornings. Add Wednesdays if it's raining.

Note: Next year, suspend gym for the months of mid June to mid-September.

Gaining back my belly fat. Up 2 pounds, from my before bed 2nd dinner. Darn. No more 2nd dinner! (my hobbit side) I'm still at 113, but I was really flirting with 110. 107 would be awesome.

Steven is a Capricorn. James and Dennis avoided the conversation. Dennis and I won 6-4 after Carey left. I felt very competitive with Sue/Rick talking about 4.0 play. Sue saw me play last year at Rick's, said I was a 3.5 player. I suppose I could really be a 4.0 if I stopped making errors. I'm 4.0 when I'm on. But when I'm tired and 'off' on my timing, I'm a 3.5. I guess. I still think I could whup Sue. And Rick's still a bit of a prick, so I suppose I wouldn't want to play with him anyway.

So my paycheck is about 300 less than I thought it would be. Darn it. Interest rate on my HELOC is up to 6.25. Ouch. I'm determined to pay off $1K a month off the principle. I need to lower my monthly costs. Or follow through with the money I'm spending on yarn, thinking I can sell my lace shawls to the Artery. I need to try to spin/dye and knit silk. Use silk, cashmere, 100% wools, merino.

Maybe use up that yak down!! After the scarves for the nephews, I'll spin it up.


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