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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Corner Marshall - do I get a badge?

Spent 4 hours on the corner of Vaca Valley Rd. and Pleasant's Valley Road flagging cyclists to make a left turn, and calling out 'Clear!' or 'Car on your right/left!' and so on. Got LOTS of 'thank you's' and 2 guys stopped to chat. And I knit about 4-6 " on Mason's scarf (and got it tangled around my vest/legs for a bit)

Got two tennis skirts from Tennis WareHouse. Only $17, and they're perfect. Maybe a bit 'hippy' but fun ball pockets in the skort part.

Been reading the 'ageless love' site. Really spiritual, actually. Since it is OW/YM, it certainly can't be superficial, but sounds like a connection that deifies convention. I searched and found it because of my experience of Marcus' energy. First the dream of three kisses. Then the comments from High Priestess, and then our encounters at the courts. He's naturally friendly, and if he were just that, that would be fine. But he's uncomfortable and sometimes self-conscious. And because he's a Buddhist Warrior, he acknowledges the shenpa. So I think he pursued it more, to have something to meditate about. He rode his bike by once, came back. The next week, he showed up (without a racket) asked Dale if he had one, and joined Dale's class. That was the day we were on the next court. (Dennis, James, Stephen, Kuay and myself)

What would I want? He could be in our tennis group too! He's a better player, and that would really bump up all of us. That would be fun. I'd like to be friends, just not sort of uncomfortable aquaintances with a mildly inappropriate ow/ym attraction...

Knitting away on ochre Malabrigo. Done with over half, minus the trim. I want to order from Knit Picks too. Maybe knit socks for Mom and Marie for Christmas. And I really need to start spinning Kanga's sample scarf.


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