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Sunday, October 09, 2005

tennis and knitting

Malabrigo yarn is FABULOUS!!! Soft, single ply, gentle variations on the Ochre I'm working in lace weight. Using the Oriel lace, with others in a stole. I remember the pattern, and only have to check myself. Not bad for a 28 repeat pattern!

Sort of struggling with ego issues and tennis. My competitive side and Sue and thinking 'I can beat her!' and having her judge MY tennis at a 3.5 from seeing me play two years ago. The guys say we're 4.0, 4.5. Where are the 4.0 women in the evenings? It's always guys. Mostly 4.0 and up. It's nice Carry is there. She's so darn cute in her tennis attire, I've been looking on ebay for tennis skirts and dresses too. So EGO is having me ponder on joining club play. Oh sure, and when would I have time for that?? Ultimate ego fantasy/daydream is to have Prince Marcus ask me to play mixed doubles with him. He has a way of playing where he's NEVER rushed...because he's a Buddhist warrior...

So I'm going to be a Corner Marshall the Foxy. Waaay the heck out on Vaca Valley and Pleasant's Valley Rd. (thanks, Prez) so I'll bring my black merino/silk scarf to work on of Mason's.

A bit of a miracle...I didn't know Woody was loose. I guess I never closed his crate? Apparently he and the kitties were in my room: but it was silent! Gabbi came out holding Woody be the collar, and I went in the room, half dreading finding bloody kitties, but they were just sitting on my bed, calm as could be...however all the kitties food was gone and all that was left was a slobbery bowl... so there's hope. True, today I walked Woody through the house to take him on his walk, and my kitty was right there, but Woody ignored her, and was pulling for the door. I find it hard to even believe it: consider it: think about. Woody is fine with the cats??!


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