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Friday, October 21, 2005

too tired to bike 65 miles...

I decided not to bike on the worker's ride. It was counterclockwise around the mountain, stopping for lunch. 95+ miles from Davis, 65 miles from Winters. But I've been sick two weeks, and still not completely well. So I called N and maybe we'll just ride to Winters or Solano Lake on Saturday.

Played better. Steven and I actually took a set from James and Cary. 6-5. Then I got tired, started forcing my shots, and hitting long or in the net, and Steven blew some really easy volleys that should have been put aways, and we lost important points that way too. Another girl, Katy, came today. Used to take lessons before me with coach. Hasn't played in a long time, but is all arms and legs and athletic. It'll be fun. Nice to hit with someone different, and like Dennis said, I'm not the only girl. Although I like that too. :-). It's more balanced this way, and I actually get more competitive with other women playing too.

I'm going to get my hair cut tomorrow! Blunt doesn't work, when my hair is so fine and thinning, so I'm going for the short layered with long tendrils. Got lots of Japanese hairstyle pictures. I'm glad. I'm even missing Kady's spin class for a haircut. And I'm planning to go to meditition on Sundays too. Maybe one day I'll meet an appropriate Shambhala Warrior to be drawn into my life.

Still would like a trike to tour with. After I pay for my house, that would be a super gift for myself!!


At 1:03 PM, Blogger asssssssssss said...

heheh you americans and your miles:P.65 is quite an achievement:>

At 12:40 AM, Blogger deedo said...

Ah, euroguy. I can't help it. I ride to eat. Isn't that at all European?


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