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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Empty Nest

DD wants to move out when she turns 18, so she can share an apartment with best friend who is living at home with crazy mom and grandma. So, really, in 2 years, I'll have an empty house! It's kinda lonely these days with ds out on his own, and dd is out a lot too.
HOWEVER, I have lots of possibilities. Galdownunder, the ever interesting Bike Friday Lynette is going to 'rent' her way around, and even though the timing is off, wouldn't that be fun! I could host Shambhala practionars, cyclist that need a place to stay, it could be way fun! And interesting. I could work on my (hopefully) emptier house, and live as simply as I wish. I would stay in my tiny room. Of course, I can do some before I pay off the mortgage, most likely afterwards. Sigh.

1) Fix back room. Repaint, refinish wood floor, use closet as storage, but add a big empty cabinent from Ikea for guests, with clean sheets and towels, ready for whoever.
2) Fix outside on the side, with leak free/rat free storage, and extended fence.Probably 3-4K.
3) Empty downstairs into storage (or dd's stuff somewhere/anywhere but here!) and tile myself, like Pat's floor. Paint over turquoise to more golden wash. Change heavy rectangular wood table for round. Set up for possible retirement tutoring space. 2K (I'll do my own labor)
4) Fix dd's room as a nice sitting room with adjoining patio/greenhouse through french doors. Also replace all windows with double pane. 10K
5) Seriously redo bathroom, with a real tile tub, etc.. 6-8K
6) Redo kitchen. Open up with a counter instead of a wall, add a full pantry, open into #4 with french doors to extend my tiny front room. Have marble counters, new cabinents, refloored, open to downstairs with an arched space instead of a door, etc.... 65K

#1-5 are very likely. #6 if big time dreaming.


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