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Monday, November 07, 2005

Hills and weight and tennis

Hills are fun. Hills are easier now that I've lost a bit over 20 pounds. I can drop Paul on a hill, even though he's a much stronger rider thanme. That was fun. But I lose steam on those long flats with a headwind. That's when it's not so fun. And I think, 'shit, I still have 20 miles to go, and I'm TIRED and I wanna nap and my butt hurts'

Future vacation: Newk's Tennis Camp, and the I want to go to his Fantasy Camp with a bunch of the old champs. Woot! That would be fun. About 2K for a week, but it includes lodging, food, and 4-5 hours of instruction a day.

Can you imagine 40 years from now, hitting doubles and eating meals with Federer and Nadal? Kinda like that.

Gabbi started a myspace for me. Unfortunately there are very few my age, mostly the savvy young kids, BUT this way I can see what's really going on with my kids and friends. Especially after they move out. boo hoo.


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