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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


So I'm playing doubles. Dennis and I against Kwo and James. Dennis sails one over the fence. Most of the gates are locked, so we keep playing. I barely register a couple walking by, close to the high school building (we're on the end court right there) and Dennis says, 'Maybe they can get our ball.' I say, 'sure' and so he and James call out. They say sure, and the guy does this funny mincing step saying outloud 'ha ha ha ha' and I'm thinking, 'whoa. weird' and then the guy calls out, 'Hi Diana!' It's Marcus! Funny. ..thus not weird, merely 'Shambhalaian'

Why walk around the high school? Aren't there better places to meander with a girl? Just sayin...

Oh, and we led most of the time, they caught us at 5-5, then won the set 7-5. Dang. I MUST keep my eye on that darn yellow fuzz!!


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