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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ack! My review is coming up too fast!

So here's my wonderful problem. is reviewing my Etsy for their summer issue of Extremeties. AWESOME!! But one family emergency, a slightly burned out teacher (me) and my usually artistic distracted randomness, my Etsy goals are not being met!

Here are the things I have been doing. First is a pic of my part of the Lunarium/Beckarahn/Sockdiva coproduction. Mine is the upper right. Theme: Earth. The upper left is Beckarahn's, theme: Sea. And the bottom boldness is Lunarium!

Before I could make myself sew, I had a polymer clay obession! This is the result from my custom cane from clayartist. I asked for sock canes, and she made two. This is my favorite! I love it! So now I sell stitch markers. I spent hours searching for all things polymer clay, my usual obsessive uploading of information. So now I have lots of clay that I bought on sale at Michaels, joined a local forum, I signed up for a class for Kaleidoscope canes at the Mendocino Art Center in July with Sarah Shriver . I have visions of selling intricate kaleidoscope and mosaic jewelry out of polymer clay with socks as a theme. Really. lol.

Then before I could get myself to sew, I had to shop. This is my uber-cool find for my sewing corner. A magnet board! It was around $10 that I picked up in the housewares part of Ace Hardware. It's a metal sheet, with these tiny, powerful magnets. I meant to hang paper patterns and such from it, but I had a small pair of scissors in my hand when putting up a pattern piece, and BAM, the scissors flew out of my grip, and hung there like a trophy. 'Aha' moment, and I started putting all the sewing accessories scattered on the surface of my sewing machine, and put them up too. I also bought a new pair of scissors , and a strong pair of reading glasses for when I'm trying to handsew with black thread in the evening.

Fully satisfying my distractions, I'm working on my first batch of Sock Bugs. I hope to have at least twice this in time for July 1st.

Wish me luck!


At 4:29 PM, Blogger AmysBabies said...

I am so going to Ace to find one of those magnetic boards!


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