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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My space (not that one)

Frightening, isn't it? This was the space I was working in, on all things Etsy. My sewing machine was in another place, surrounded by storage things in the garage conversion.

I'll never have a reputation of being a neatnick. I'm random and scattered, and more artistic than neat.

Bless my dd for telling me she needed my computer, which she declared was the 'family' computer, and she wanted to load a game called 'Guild Wars' that she had bought. Uh hem. And I was to go where? To do my Etsy thing? This is a small house. Maybe 1200 square feet of 3 pack rats. Need a close-up?

I probably spent more time reading forums than anything else, sometimes. Needlessly checking my Etsy every 15 minutes... then spinning for a few minutes, switching to origami, switching to omiyage, switching to packaging, switching to penning new ideas.

And my dd was kicking me out?!

Blessings in disquise.

I looked around my tiny abode, and although nothing looked possible, I saw my favorite window with new eyes, born of necessity.
Move some empty aquariums, some boxes of dd papers and supplies, some lapidary rock, shift things a bit, and ta da!!!

MY SPACE. I moved up my most precious old Singer sewing machine from my dearest momma, a spool holder that was my Grandmothers from the laundry room, where it held leashes, tools, and misc. junk, a low table to use as a cutting surface (before I had to clear ds's stuff to put my board up to cut things on the low table downstairs) and I'm by my plants, my daughter's art (a winged heart from my dd for my last birthday) my Joy, and it's the Best Space ever for my Etsy! Sure, sure, I should have finished putting things away before I took a pic, but it'll end up like this on a regular working basis anyway...

I have much better light, which will let me sew at night, which I wasn't able to do before.

My wheel is right there. I can talk to my plants while I work.

It's the best ever. I'm so happy. And the timing is perfect, right before my summer vacation -



At 10:15 AM, Blogger AmysBabies said...

It looks great! I wish I had a cool place like that. I have a computer desk in one room where I crochet and a dinning table in the other room with my sewing stuff on it. Both places look like your first workspace. My Husband actually borrowed a laptop from work so he wouldn't have to hastle me to get off the computer :D


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